Cholesterol and Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower Seeds Lower Cholesterol

The sunflower seed or the kernel of sunflower seed has high nutritional value and help body in several ways. Sunflower seeds have been a good snack of people in countries like US, China and Argentina. In this article we shall discuss about a study that showed the effect of sunflower seeds on body cholesterol.

Sunflower seeds:
Sunflower seeds that emanate from the beautiful sun flower from its center. Sunflower, beautiful as it is, is also the source of grayish green seeds that are encased in black or gray shells. The seeds have good oil content and thus used in the extracting polyunsaturated oil. A handful of seeds can be very nourishing. They can supply good amounts of magnesium, vitamin E and selenium as well.

Phytosterols: Studies on Phytosterols
In a research study that appears in the November 30, in the journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, it is found that nuts and seeds are rich in phytosterols. Phytosterols are a class or type of plant chemicals proven to reduce the cholesterol levels and improve heart functions upon taking them in diet. Studies show that there phytosterols when present in sufficient (good) amounts in the diet may reduce cholesterol in blood levels, decrease the risk/risks of certain types of cancer and enhance the immune response.

In the above study the researchers have also given the phytosterol amounts present in the common seeds and nuts taken in diet in the United States. Among all sunflower seeds and pistachios were found as the richest sources of phyosterols. The next rich were the pumpkin seeds. Brazil nuts and English walnuts are found to have lowest phytosterols among all nuts.

The Conclusion
This study emphasizes the use of sunflower seeds and pistachios for the reduction of cholesterol in the blood. But the lowering of cholesterol should not be taken on the diet basis. Other things such as adherence to exercises and well-balanced diet are necessary for maintenance of sound physical and mental health of an individual.

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