What are the Causes of High Cholesterol in Children?

High cholesterol can not only occur in adults or aged, but it can be noticed in children also. They can also suffer from very high levels of cholesterol that can lead to problems as the kid grows older. Cholesterol is the buildup of the fatty plaque on the artery walls; this blocks the arteries and makes the blood flow more difficult from the heart to other body organs or vice-versa. Fortunately, high levels of cholesterol in kids can be controlled, but it is very necessary to understand theA�causes of high cholesterol in children.A�High cholesterol in children – causes.A�The following are the list ofA�causes of high cholesterol levels in children.

  • Heredity:

    In majority of the cases, a kid having high cholesterol levels, his/her parents also have elevated cholesterol levels. The genes are responsible for the high cholesterol levels as they are passed down to the kid either from the father or mother during conception. Unfortunately, kids who suffer from increased cholesterol levels as a result of the genetic trait or heredity, they are unable to resist their vulnerability to the ailment. But, it also possible to regulate the levels of cholesterol by paying attention to the diet a child eats along with his/her weight.

  • Poor diet:

    High cholesterol levels can occur as a result of very poor diet. Foods rich in the fatty substances with very high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat, increase the levels of cholesterol in the kida��s body. Kids must avoid these foods and also substitute them with low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish, cereals, breads, vegetables and fruits.

  • No exercise:

    A regular exercise is a must for every human body, including kids. Kids may increase their possibility of developing high cholesterol levels if they enjoy a sedentary lifestyle. Kids must include daily aerobic exercise including dancing, biking, swimming, walking, running and playing sports. Exercising regularly not only helps to the body to maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper weight, but also helps to push the blood through the arteries at a greater forceful rate, this increases the flow of blood from the heart to the other body organs.

  • Obesity:

    Kids who are overweight are at a greater risk of developing high cholesterol levels. Because of this, it is very important for a kid to maintain a proper and a healthy weight. Some kids are more likely to gain weight than others based on their hereditary traits and must be careful while choosing the type of foods consumed and be appropriate. Because their intake of food and their daily activity causes an increase in the cholesterol levels.

The above article discusses briefly about theA�high cholesterol levels in children.

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