Oral Hygiene and Heart Disease

Oral hygiene is one of the major reasons for the occurrence of heart disease. Bleeding gums are linked to heart diseases. Poor dental hygiene, bleeding gums and bad breath can end up by causing heart diseases. In this article, there is a brief discussion on the oral hygiene and heart disease. Let us examine them.

Oral hygiene and heart disease

  • Individuals with poor dental or oral hygiene and those individuals who do not brush their teeth regularly might end up with having bleeding gum problems.
  • Bleeding gums provide a direct entry to the bloodstream.
  • About 700 different types of microorganisms found in the mouth enter into the bloodstream. This causes an increase in the risk of developing a heart attack.
  • Probably, the mouth is the dirtiest place inside the human body.
  • When there is an open blood vessel from the blood vessel, micro organisms from the mouth will gain entry into the blood steam.
  • When micro-organisms get within the bloodstream they usually encounter the tiny fragments known as platelets which clot the blood when one get which clot the blood when one gets a cut.
  • These micro organisms stick to the platelets and cause them to clot within the blood vessel, thus partially blocking the blood vessel.
  • This prevents the flow of blood back to the cardio vascular system and thus one runs with the risk of developing pain in the chest and developing heart attack.


  • The only treatment procedure for this type of heart disease is an aggressive antibiotic therapy. But, due to an increasing problem of the multiple drug resistant micro organisms or bacteria, this treatment option is becoming less effective and short-lived.
  • Currently, cardiovascular disease is the biggest problem in the western world.
  • The common infecting agents are the oral bacteria such as Streptococcus sanguinis and Streptococcus gordonii.

The above article discusses about the oral hygiene and heart disease. It is also a know factor that bacterial infections are the common and independent risk factor for developing heart disease. Heart disease can also occur in individuals who are slim, healthy and fit because of their bad breath.

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