How to Use Coconut water to Lower Cholesterol Levels?

Coconuts are often packed with different nutrients and various health benefits. The oil of coconut is generally high in saturated fat and is not advised for people with high LDL cholesterol levels, where as coconut water shows the opposite effect on the LDL or bad cholesterol levels. It has been found that coconut water helps in counteracting an increase of bad cholesterol level while raising HDL or good cholesterol levels. Read to know how to use coconut water to lower cholesterol levels.

Tips to lower cholesterol levels with coconut water:

The below mentioned tips helps to know on how to use coconut water to lower cholesterol levels.

  • Drink 2 A? cups of coconut water along with breakfast. This should be taken every day at the same time for creating a ritual, to raise HDL or good levels and to lower LDL cholesterol levels and this works only over time. A study over a 45 days period on the rats that was written about in the Food and Chemical Toxicology showed a marked difference in the lipid levels over the time. Thus, the results could be seen after this time period, but drinking coconut water regularly must be continued and it should taken in same amounts every day for reaping all its benefits.
  • Substitute 2 A? cups of your daily intake of water with coconut water.
  • Add 1 or 2 cups of coconut water to prepare shakes or smoothies.
  • One should also drink coconut water instead of refreshing drinks after exercise or sports activity. It helps in reactivating the body. Add 2 A? cups of coconut water to one liter of water bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle with water.

The above article discusses onA�how to use coconut water to lower cholesterol levels. In addition to help by lowering the cholesterol levels, coconut water also helps to replenish electrolytes.

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