Side Effects from Lipitor Use?

Lipitor is one of the drugs which is used for lowering cholesterol. In addition to benefits for the cholesterol treatment, this drug can also have side effects from its use. However, not everyone taking drug may experience side effects. Some may tolerate it well, while other may develop side effects from Lipitor use. These side effects could be minor and they may require no treatment and can be treated by your doctor.

Side effects from Lipitor use

The following is a brief discussion on the Lipitor use side effects.
Patients taking this drug may experience weakness, unexplained muscle pain and tenderness. If these conditions are accompanied by a feeling of illness or fever, then contact your healthcare professional or doctor immediately.

Common Lipitor side effects

The use of Lipitor drug has been thoroughly studied by researchers in the clinical trials. In these studies, they have evaluated thousands of individuals, where the side effects seen in a group of individuals consuming this drug are always compared to those side effects which occur in a similar group of individuals taking the placebo (a a�?sugar pilla�? without active ingredients).

Thus, as a result, there is a possibility to find which side effects occur and how often these side effects appear and how can they be compared to that group of individuals taking placebo. The most common side effects of Lipitor use found in these studies are mentioned below.

  • Headache:

    Headaches was seen in up to 16.7% of individuals taking this drug.

  • Infections:

    Up to 10.3% of people were subjected to infections after taking Lipitor.

  • Muscle pain:

    About 5.6% of people were suffering with muscle pain as a side effect from Lipitor use.

  • Diarrhea:

    About 5.3% of individuals were suffering with diarrhea as a Lipitor side effect.

  • Joint pain:

    Up to 5.1% of people were suffering with joint after taking this drug.

  • Inflammation of the sinuses or sinusitis:

    Individuals taking this drug, up to 6.4% of them were experiencing sinusitis.

  • Accidental injury:

    This is one of the Lipitor side effects in up to 4.2% of people. Some other common side effects of Lipitor that were seen in more than 2 a�� 4 percent of include the following:

  • Unexplained rash
  • Stomach pain (Abdominal pain)
  • Asthenia (general feeling of weakness)
  • The flu
  • Allergic reaction
  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses)
  • Pharyngitis (sore throat)

Severe side effects from Lipitor use:

There is a list of Lipitor side effects which one must report immediately to the doctor or the healthcare professional. These side effects include the following:

  • Liver damage:

    Some of the signs or symptoms of the liver damage include yellow eyes or yellow skin, dark urine, upper right abdominal pain, and elevated liver enzymes. Thus, patients taking this drug Lipitor may experience any of the above listed signs or symptoms. If so immediately consult your doctor.

  • Allergic reactions:

    Some people taking this drug may develop allergic reaction. Some of the signs or symptoms of allergic reaction include itching, hives, a rash, difficulty breathing or wheezing, swelling of the tongue, throat or mouth.

  • Weakness, muscle pain or tenderness, especially if you have a feeling of illness or fever, since these can be the signs or symptoms of Rhabdomyolysis. It is a serious muscle breakdown.
  • Unexplained or significant changes in the urine and its amount one produces. This can be a sign of serious kidney problems.

Rare side effects from Lipitor use:

During clinical studies, they found out a number of other Lipitor side effects which occurred in about or less than 2 percent of individuals while taking this drug for lowering cholesterol. Because the side effects of this drug are so uncommon, that it is difficult to tell if they were caused either by medication or by any other factor. Some of the rare side effects include the following:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Hepatitis
  • Intestinal ulcer
  • Asthma
  • Bloody nose
  • Amnesia (memory loss)
  • Depression
  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Impotence (also called as ED or erectile dysfunction)
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • Syncope (fainting)
  • Hearing loss
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Gout
  • Weight gain

Precautions while taking Lipitor drug:

  • Patients taking this drug must read about the information given on the drug cover or refill before using it. As it may contain new information.
  • Women who are pregnant or willing to get pregnant or think if you are pregnant avoid the use of this drug a�� Lipitor. As it can harm the unborn baby within the womb. If you get pregnancy then stop using Lipitor and consult your doctor or medical professional.
  • Breast feeding women must also avoid the use of Lipitor drug, as it can enter and pass through the breast milk and can harm the baby.
  • Patients suffering with liver problems must also avoid its use.
  • Individuals having an allergic reaction to Lipitor or to the ingredients present in it. The active ingredient present in it is atorvastatin.
  • Patients suffering with other health conditions and taking other medications must tell their doctor about it. Because some drugs may interact with each other and cause side effects or reactions in the body.
  • Individual taking this drug must follow the instructions carefully given by the medical professional or the doctor.

The above listed are some of the side effects of Lipitor use. Thus, patients using this drug for lowering their cholesterol levels must be careful while using Lipitor. If you experience any of the above side effects or other side effects, then immediately stop using this drug and consult your medical professional.’>

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