What are the Congenital Heart Defect Symptoms in Children?

Congenital heart disease is the type of malformation or defect in one or more parts of the blood vessels or heart which occurs before birth. Birth defects occur when the fetus us developing within the womb. This birth defects affect about 8-10 kids out of every 1000 kids. The

congenital heart defect symptoms in children

are discussed below in this article.

Congenital heart disease symptoms in children

  • The signs and symptoms of congenital heart defect may be notice at birth or during childhood or sometimes even later, but not until adulthood.
  • There is a possibility to have either a defect with some symptoms or with no symptoms or signs at all. If symptoms present in affected kids, they may include the following:
    • Shortness of breath and
    • Limited ability to do an exercise
  • Serious congenital heart disease defects: They usually become evident particularly during the first few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of life. Some of the symptoms and signs include the following:
    • Cyanosis:

      Pale blue or gray skin

    • Loss of the healthy skin
    • Rapid breathing
    • Shortness of breath particularly during the feedings, this may lead to poor weight gain
    • Swelling in the areas around the eyes, abdomen and legs
  • Less-serious congenital heart disease defects: This condition is often diagnosed later in the childhood. Your kid may not show any signs and symptoms which are noticeable. Some of the evident signs and symptoms in older kids include the following:
    • Easily becoming tired during an activity or an exercise
    • Easily developing shortness of breath during an activity or exercise
    • Swelling in the feet, ankles and hands
    • Built-up of fluid in the lungs or heart

    The congenital heart defect is often detected first when the doctor hears heart murmur or abnormal heart sound when listening to the heart beat.

The above article discusses briefly about the

congenital heart defect symptoms and signs


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