Foods That Prevent Heart Attack

Foods are the health supplements of essential nutrients, vitamins and other sources that are required by the body. But, some foods are needed good amounts where as some other foods are required only in small amounts. Similarly, there are some f

oods that prevent heart attack

. Thus, these foods must be eaten in good amounts to get all its heart health benefits. Are you eager to know about those foods which help in preventing heart attack? Read on to know more.

Foods that prevent heart attack

  • Low-fat foods:

    Low fat foods include low fat yogurt or salsa, low-sugar fruit, monosaturated fats which are found in canola oil or olive oil, polysaturated fats which are found in seeds and nuts.

  • Low-fat protein foods that prevent heart attack:

    Some of the low-fat protein food sources include fish, poultry, lean meat, egg substitutes or egg whites, low-fat dairy products such as skimmed milk. Fishes are rich in the omega-3 fatty acids that lower blood fats known as triglycerides. Thus, include cold water fishes such as mackerel, herring and salmon. Some other sources include walnuts, flaxseed, canola oil and soybeans.

    Legumes such as lentils, peas and beans are also a very good sources of proteins. They are also low in cholesterol and fat. Soy protein is a good substitute for animal protein. Skinless chicken breasts are good than fried chicken foods.

  • Fruits and vegetables:

    Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of minerals and vitamins. They contain substances that are found in plants which help in preventing cardiovascular disease. Thus, include fruit salads or vegetable stir-fry in your diet as it helps one to eat less amounts of high-fatty foods. Include fresh frozen vegetables, canned fruit packed with water or juice or low-sodium canned vegetables.

  • Whole grain foods that prevent heart attack:

    These are a very good source of fiber and even other essential nutrients which play a vital role in maintaining heart health and regulating blood pressure. Some of the whole grains that must be included in your diet are whole-grain wheat bread, whole-wheat flour, high fiber cereal, brown rice, buckwheat and barley, oatmeal, whole-grain pasta, Ground flaxseed, etc.

  • Low sodium foods that prevent heart attack:

    Increase uptake of high sodium foods can lead to high B.P. (blood pressure). This is also a major risk factor for heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Minimizing the intake of sodium through diet is the most important part of the heart healthy diet. Healthy adults must intake no more than about 2,300 mg of sodium each day. Thus, must include only a little amount of salt to your food.

    One must also avoid processed foods or canned foods such as frozen dinners and soups. Making our own stews and soups and eating fresh foods which help to reduce the intake of salt. Some of the low-salt food items include salt substitutes, spices and herbs, prepared meals or reduced salt-canned foods or soups, reduced salt versions of the condiments such as those with reduced-salt ketchup and reduced-salt soy sauce.

  • Food which must be eaten more often:

    These foods include sweet potatoes, carrots, greens, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, canned or cooked pumpkin, squash, 97% or even more fat free turkey or chicken breast, onions and garlic (include fresh crushed or chopped ones in your food), low-fat tomato pasta or sauces, homemade pizza with about 99% fat-free chicken, foods with low or no salt, almonds, walnuts and peanuts must be eaten in moderation.

The above listed are the

foods that prevent heart attack

and also maintain heart health. Thus, individuals suffering with cardiovascular disease or heart related problems must include these foods in their diet, in addition to medication. A heart healthy diet, medications and preventive measures for heart attack help in maintaining overall health of the heart.

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