Are There Any Cholesterol Side Effects?

Cholesterol is generally comprised of low and high density fats (lipids) in the bloodstream. Fats are transported through the blood by special proteins. LDL (low-density lipoprotein and HDL (high-density lipoprotein) are the two types of cholesterol molecules present in the blood. Both these cholesterol molecules have different behaviors inside the body. Each of which has its own effect inside the body. The

cholesterol side effects

are discussed below in this article. Let us examine them.

Where does cholesterol come from?

Our body produces cholesterol on itself. On an average, an adult body makes 1,000 mg of the cholesterol per day approximately. Cholesterol is also taken through the diet. Thus, it is very essential that we intake good amounts of (HDL) good cholesterol and very minute amounts of (LDL) bad cholesterol through our diet.

LDL or bad cholesterol:

Bad cholesterol or LDL makes a way from the liver into the bloodstream. This bad cholesterol then attaches itself as a soft waxy plaque on the arterial walls. Body produces only a little amount of LDL, but a majority of it is taken through our diet.

LDL or bad cholesterol side effects:

High levels of LDL or bad cholesterol leads to artheriosclerosis,. Artheriosclerosis is a condition, in which hardening of arteries occur due to the deposition of plaque. Artheriosclerosis is a beginning of the coronary artery disease which may lead to stroke or heart attack.

Good or HDL cholesterol benefits:

HDL or good cholesterol removes bad cholesterol or LDL from the bloodstream and it transports LDL to the liver so that it can be metabolized and even removed from the body. Good cholesterol or HDL is produced within the body and its production is boosted by physical activity and a healthy diet.

Additional HDL sources:

HDL or good cholesterol is found in the healthy oils such as canola and olive oils. Foods which contain omega-3 fatty acids are also a very good food source of good cholesterol.

Warning signs of high cholesterol:

A full range of the negative side effects from high cholesterol don not become apparent often until it causes a significant damage. This is done by the plaque build up on the arterial walls. Side effects include potentially life-threatening conditions such as chest pain (angina), ruptured blood vessel (aneurysm) and heart attack.

The above article discusses briefly about the

cholesterol side effects


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