Are their Any After Effects of Heart Attack?

Heart attack occurs mainly due to the blockage of a part of the heart. The blockage in a part of the heart stops the flow of the blood from the heart to the other organs of the body or from the organs of the body to the heart. Thus, when the blood flow is blocked, it causes severe heart damage and may often lead to death. However, heart attack survivors may face various possible after effects. The after

effects of heart attacks

are briefly discussed below in this article. Let us examine them.

After effects of a heart attack

  • Motivation:

    Many of the heart attack survivors do feel an increased motivation in order to take measures for preventing future health problems, to increase the heart health and to experience life.

  • Chest pain:

    Individuals who have initial heart attack, it is possible that they experience angina or chest pain especially during a physical activity.

  • Repeat attacks:

    It is common that after an individual having a heart attack, it is most likely that he/she will experience another heart attack in the future (next several years).

  • Depression:

    It is the common sign after having an initial heat attack. Because, generally heart attack survivors may have a feeling of dying inevitability from the future heart attack. It is most likely tha individuals may develop fears of another heart attack even after a small chest pain.

  • Impotence:

    Clogged arteries or blockage in the heart or coronary artery disease which is associated strongly with the heart attack is linked to ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. Decreased function of the heart can also impair the flow of he blood, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

  • The above article discusses about some of the

    after effects of heart attack

    . Individual after having an initial heart attack must take care of themselves properly. They must include healthy diet plan, routine medical check ups and healthy lifestyle.

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