What are the Side effects of High Blood Pressure Medications in Men?

High blood pressure may be controlled using various medications and drugs. But, these medications generally cause side effects which are mild or serious. The

side effects of high blood pressure medications in men

may vary depending on the type of medications taken. Read on to know more about the side effects.

Side effects of high blood pressure medications in men

The medicines used during high blood pressure show various side effects. Some of which are discussed below.

  • Sexual dysfunction:

    The side effects of high blood pressure medications include sexual dysfunction. This condition can occur due to the following medications:

  • Diuretics (water pills):

    Diuretic may decrease forceful flow of blood to the penis, thus, making it very difficult to achieve the erection. This medication can also cause depletion of zinc in the body, which is essential for the production of testosterone, a sex hormone. The common side effects of this medication include repeated urination, dizziness, thirst, headache, upset stomach, muscle cramps, etc.

  • Beta blockers:

    These high blood pressure medications may affect the reaction of the nervous system which causes an erection. These medication can also cause difficulty for the arteries inside the penis to dilate (widen) to let in an enough amount of blood flow in order to cause erection.

  • ACE inhibitors:

    Drug combinations are very important particularly for the blood pressure treatment. Patients who take diuretics need guidance from a medical professional particularly when considering to taking ACE inhibitors. Some of the common ACE inhibitors side effects include cough, headache, dizziness, increased heartbeat, exhaustion, sleeping problems, etc.

    Some specific serious medication reactions such as swelling on the face, in the lips, eyes, legs and tongue will require doctor involvement. Breathing problems, swallowing and chest pain alos require immediate medical attention by the professional. ACE inhibitors medication brand names include Altace, Mavik, Lotensin, Aceon and many others are sold in different nations under prescription.

  • Beta Blockers:

    Some of the common signs and symptoms of side effects of this medication (beta blockers) include headache, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Lightheaded, Upset stomach, Constipation, feeling exhausted, etc,. Beta Blockers must be not be used by patients who have heart shock or block, slow heart rate.
    Patients suffering with liver or kidney problems, diabetes, overactive thyroid or asthma should medical advice. Medical professionals guidance should be taken in relation to breathing problems, chest pain occurrence, irregular or slow heart beat and selling in the legs, feet or hands.

  • The above listed are some of the

    side effects of high blood pressure medications in men


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