Bad Cholesterol Food List

New cholesterol recommendations have urge people to maintain their cholesterol levels only below 200 milligrams, in which the good cholesterol levels or HDL levels should be above 40 milligrams. Similarly, a new sliding scale for bad cholesterol levels or LDL has been set. In this article there is a brief discussion on

bad cholesterol food list

. Let us examine them.

Bad cholesterol food list:

  • Use only low fat or non-fat dairy products including yogurt, cheese and milk. Regular dairy products including whole milk, cheese, nicotta cheese, cream cheese and butter are high in saturated fat.
  • Avoid trans-fat food which comes from the hydrogenated vegetables oils in fried foods. Thus avoid eating baked foods, desserts and crackers.
  • Avoid intake of large amounts of animal protein such as fish, eggs and dairy products. One can include these foods in minimal amounts.
  • Increase amounts of fructose corn syrup and sugar can increase the bad cholesterol lovels. Thus, must be consumed in minimum amounts.
  • Frosting spreads and margarine spreads generally increase the levels of cholesterol.
  • Fast food is also very bad for the body as it increases cholesterol levels. All fast foods centers generally grill or fry the foods in trans fat.
  • Regular soda, beverages and other fluids made with the high-fructose corn syrup usually raise the bad cholesterol levels. Thus, one must avoid these drinks.

The above article discusses briefly about

bad cholesterol food list

. Individuals without any other heart disease problems must maintain their LDL cholesterol levels only below 130 milligrams. Individuals suffering with one or even more than one risk factor must maintain their LDL or bad cholesterol levels below 100 milligrams. Thus, one must eat foods which help to maintain good cholesterol levels. These foods include barley, fresh broccoli, figs or apricots, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, carrots, peas, lentils, beans, oatmeal, sweet potato, rye cereal, prunes, etc.

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