Is Your Thyroid Raising Your Cholesterol Levels

It has been noticed that in spite exercising regularly, taking in fiber-rich diet, the levels of cholesterol still do not go down. This happens usually due the higher levels of thyroid in the body. In the article below we will discuss in detail that

Is Your Thyroid Raising Your Cholesterol Levels


Role Of Thyroid Gland In Increasing The Levels Of Cholesterol:

Thyroid is a gland which is located just below the larynx and has a shape of a butterfly; it is responsible for the metabolic functioning of most of the cells of the body. It has been found that the improper functioning of this gland can affect the levels of cholesterol in your body. It is because if the levels of thyroid are not proper in your body it can result in a condition called Hypothyroidism.

This happens when thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) do not produce thyroid hormone in sufficient amount. Due to this condition the metabolism of the body is directly affected. As the result the lower levels of thyroid result in slower metabolic rate, which in turn is not able to eliminate bad cholesterol from the blood in sufficient amount. Thus, the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol rise in the body resulting in High Cholesterol Level.

Steps To Improve The Levels Of Thyroid And Cholesterol In The Body:

Intake of medicines which will stimulate the thyroid gland for some time will help in reducing the levels of cholesterol in your body. These medicines taken for thyroid will activate the thyroid gland and enable it to increase the secretion of the thyroid hormone in the body which will in turn activate the metabolic rate of the body. The increase in metabolic activity will reduce the cholesterol levels of the body.

Apart from this maintain a healthy lifestyle is very important. Intake of fibrous food in sufficient amount, regular exercise or some physical activity will complement the intake of medication and will help in early reduction of the cholesterol levels.

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