What Is Stroke a�� Types Of Strokes

Brain attack or a stroke is a condition in which a clot of blood blocks an artery (or the blood vessel which carries blood from the heart to the body) or a vessel of blood breaks or the flow of blood is interrupted to any part or area of brain. When this condition arises the cells of the brain die and damaging of the brain takes place. There are two types of strokes which are discussed in detail in the article below.

Types Of Strokes:

The types of strokes are:

  • Ischemic Stroke:

    It is the condition, in which the blood clot formed due to some injury can block arteries and can cut off the flow of blood thus, the condition of ischemic takes place, The ischemic stroke is of two types:

    • Embolic Stroke:

      In the condition the formation of the clot takes place usually in the heart and then travels down to the brain along with the blood stream. Once the clot reaches the brain it blocks other small arteries thus resulting in stroke.

    • Thrombotic Stroke:

      In this condition one or more vessels supplying blood to the brain are blocked thus resulting in the blockage called Thrombotic and thus resulting in the condition of Thrombotic Stroke.

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke:

    This type of stroke is caused due to the breaking up or breakage of the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain. In medical terms the breaking up of the vessel is termed as Hemorrhages so the stroke is termed as Hemorrhagic stroke. This condition is caused due to number of reasons like the presence of weak spots in the blood vessels called as Aneursyms which develop over the time and are detected until they break. The condition of hemorrhagic stroke is of two types like:

    • Interacerbral Hemmorrhage:

      It is the condition in which the vessels of blood break within the brain itself. The main cause of this condition is considered to hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

    • Subarachnoid Hemmorrhage (SAH):

      It is the condition in the vessel of blood or aneurism breaks in a large artery or near a thin delicate membrane which surrounds the brain. The breaking of the vessels results in the accumulation of the blood in the area surrounding the brain which is filled with protective fluid. Resulting in the accumulation of blood contaminated-fluid around the brain.

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