Egg Yolk And Cholesterol

Intake of an omelet is an easy and convenient first diet of the day. It has been found that there is a close association in between

Egg yolk And Cholesterol

. The intake of eggs and egg yolk in sizable amount is not very harmful. In the article below we will discuss

Egg Yolk And Cholesterol

in detail.

Egg Yolk And Cholesterol Content:

Over the years there was a view that eggs yolks carry high levels of cholesterol in them. But the advance research have proved the egg yolk carry fat but it neither saturated fat nor trans-fat but it is monosaturated fat which is beneficial for your heart.

Each egg is supposed to carry 3.5 grams of monosaturated fat in them which helps in keeping your heart healthy. Apart from this eggs also have higher levels of sodium content which is also very beneficial for your body. But intake of eggs with cheese or butter in higher amount can reduce its nutritive value greatly. So it is advisable to eat eggs in a healthy manner.

Healthy Methods Of Eating Eggs:

Below mentioned are few healthy methods which can be followed to eat eggs regularly.

  • Addition of Eggs To the Vegetables:

    You can chop and cook all your favorite vegetables and toss these cooked vegetables with eggs to form an omelet. Ensure that you prepare this omelet in olive oil in place of butter. So a healthy omelet is ready for you.

  • Addition Of Salsa To Eggs:

    You can add salsa to your egg preparation which will give an exciting flavor without the addition of cheese and cheese in it. The strong smell and flavor of salsa will be such that you will never miss cheese or butter in your egg preparation.

  • Intake of Eggs In Lunch And Dinner:

    If you want to have eggs for your lunch or dinner, you will have to boil them hard and then toss it with rich green salad. This will not only give protein to your body but will something innovative and different for your meal.

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