Vegetarian Diet for High Cholesterol

It is the fact the vegetarian diets are mostly in lower in cholesterol content as compared to non-vegetarian diets.

Vegetarian Diets for High Cholesterol

comprises mostly of vegetables and fruits and do not have meat which is a rich source of cholesterol. In the article below we will discuss the proper aspects of

Vegetarian Diet for High Cholesterol


Aspects Vegetarian Diet For High Cholesterol:

Some of the aspects of vegetarian diet are mentioned below:

  • The vegetarian diet must have protein source which is low in cholesterol content. Nuts, tofu, beans can be good options for this purpose. This is because these are capable of increasing the amount of good cholesterol and reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Make sure that you avoid the intake of cheese and eggs in huge amount as they are rich in protein with high cholesterol.
  • A vegetarian diet must have food items which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It is because the omega 3 fatty acids are capable of reducing the amount of bad cholesterol quickly. So the intake of walnuts, flax seeds, almonds, soy beans, olive oil can be a good option for all vegetarians.
  • Intake of fruits and vegetables in huge quantity is very beneficial for the vegetarian diet. It is because fruits and vegetables carry a number of nutrients and vitamins in them. Moreover the cholesterol content in fruits and vegetables is naturally low and provides for the entire energy required by the body.
  • Intake of whole grains in place of pasta or white bread will be more effective for your cholesterol levels. It is because whole grains are capable of keeping your heart healthy. So the intake of brown rice and whole grain cereal and whole grain pasta is advisable.
  • Lastly it is advisable to plan your meal beforehand. This can be done by collecting all the items in your plate in sufficient amount before eating. For instant, half of your plate must comprise of fruits and vegetables, quarter of the plate must comprise of whole grains and the remaining quarter must consist of some protein source like beans, tofu etc. The plate so designed will provide your body with all the required nutrients and is a balanced meal. This plate in reality will be considered as a low-cholesterol, vegetarian diet plate.

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