What Are Psyllium Foods

Psyllium is derived from a plant called Plantago ovate.

Psyllium Foods

carry the soluble fiber in sufficient amount which helps in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body. In order to derive this soluble fiber from the plant, the seeds and husk of the plants are processed and used in the supplement form or added to the foods in the form of additives. In the article below we will discuss some of the

Psyllium Foods


Foods with Psyllium Fiber:

Some of the food which carries Psyllium in sufficient amount in them is:

  • Baked Products:

    In baked products Psyllium is used as food additives. This addition increases the amount of fiber content in them. This addition can be labbled as psyllium seed or husk, ispaghula seed or husk.

  • Cereals:

    The addition of Psyllium can be done to the cereals to make them healthier. Some branded products like Healthywise and Bran Buds have Psyllium as additive in their products to increase the amount of soluble fiber in them. This addition makes cereal more efficient in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body. The addition of psyllium to the breakfast cereal increases its fiber content which is very beneficial for the patients with higher levels of cholesterol. This intake is sufficient enough in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the body, so they do not require any additional supplement for this purpose.

  • Bulk Laxatives:

    In Metamucil, Psyllium is used as bulk laxatives. Intake of psyllium in supplement or laxative form will help in improving the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation along with the regulation of blood sugar and lower levels of cholesterol in the body. But it is advisable to take water in sufficient amount while taking laxatives to prevent bowel obstructions.

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