Cereals High In Fiber

Studies have proved that the intake of fiber in sufficient amount helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body. The

Cereals High In Fiber

must be taken regularly to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and to control the growing weight of your body. In the article below, we will discuss some of the

Cereals High In Fiber

content in detail.

Cereals High In Fiber:

Some of the cereals high in fiber content are:

  • Fiber One:

    This cereal is available in five varieties like shredded wheat, original fiber one, raisin bran clusters, honey clusters and caramel delight. These varieties carry fiber ranging from 4-14 gram per ounce of serving. The highest amount of fiber content is present in original fiber one; it has 14 grams of fiber in 1 ounce or in A? cup.

  • 100% Bran:

    This cereal is supposed to provide for 1/3 of the recommended amount of fiber intake in the entire day. Intake of 1 A? cup of bran carries 9 grams of fiber. You can also mix bran with dry fruits or with other nuts to make a high fibrous meal.

  • Bran Buds:

    These are made of wheat bran along with psyllium seed husk and oat fiber added to it. Intake of one ounce or 1/3 of the cup of bran bud is supposed to carry 13 grams of fiber which is half of the amount of the recommended amount of the total fiber intake in the day. You can top your bran bud with berries and bananas to increase the amount of fiber and taste to your dish.

  • All a�� Bran Original:

    This cereal contains fiber in high quantity but not as high as Bran Buds. Intake of A? cup of All Bran carries 10grams of fiber in it. This can be sprinkled over yogurt of low fat or mixed with chopped fruits to increase its taste and nutritive content as well.

  • Grape Nuts And Grape Nut Flakes:

    These also form a high fibrous cereal content. Intake of A? cup of grape nuts or A? cup of grape nut flakes carries 4 gram of fiber in it. Intake of grape nuts can be combined with frozen yogurt or baked into muffins. Intake of Grape Nuts Flakes can be mixed with skimmed milk to make a great breakfast in the morning.

The above mentioned were the

Cereals High In Fiber


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