Stress Causes High Cholesterol

A person suffering from high cholesterol cannot be said to be suffering from stress as well. The fact is that excess of

Stress Causes High Cholesterol

. In the article below we will discuss

Stress Causes High Cholesterol

in detail.

Reasons Which Prove That Stress Causes High Cholesterol:

Some of the reasons which can prove that stress causes high cholesterol are:

  • In the state of stress, the person eats too much to console himself. Thus, the saturated fat and fatty acids present in the food results in the high cholesterol levels of the body.
  • There are two hormones called adrenaline and cortisol in the body which are responsible for handling the stress condition in the body. In the state of extreme stress, these two hormones trigger the production of cholesterol which results in the condition of high cholesterol content and eventually results in a heart stroke or heart attack in the body.
  • The reoccurrence of stressful conditions results in the deposition of unused sugar in the body which is later converted in triglycerides or some other fatty acids. Thus, resulting in high cholesterol content in the body.
  • Research has proved that this deposition usually takes place in the abdominal area which results in the accumulation of fat in the abdomen part of the body. So, those having fat in the abdominal part of the body are at a greater risk of having a cardiovascular attack.

Steps To Prevent Stress And High Cholesterol:

Some of the steps which can be followed to prevent stress and high cholesterol are:

  • If your life is full of stress, then it is advisable to spend some time relaxing each day, even when you are work. This will help you in getting rid of your stress quickly.
  • Perform some activities like yoga, meditation, relaxing exercising which will help in reducing the stress content in your body.
  • Recreate yourself by listening some music, playing outdoor games etc. which will help your body to relax and get rid of the excessive stress as well.

Thus the above mentioned points prove the point that

Stress Causes High Cholesterol

in the body.

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