Cholesterol Levels during Pregnancy

The body of a woman faces drastic changes during the pregnancy period. These changes are noticed not only on the outer body but the internal system of the body is also affected due the growing size of the baby. For example the volume of the blood and blood pressure increases to adjust the extra fluids in them. The levels of glucose and cholesterol greatly affected during the pregnancy period.

Normal Levels of Cholesterol:

The normal levels of cholesterol in non-pregnant women should be below 200 mg/dl. This level will prevent you from the risk of heart disease. If the levels of cholesterol is in between 200-239 then are on borderline and if they are above 240 they are considered as high. If during pregnancy these levels are disturbed they it is an alarming condition. It is because higher or lower levels of cholesterol during pregnancy period can cause risk to your pregnancy.

Low Cholesterol during Pregnancy:

If the women is suffering from lower levels of cholesterol before conception and during the pregnancy period can have a high risk of premature labor and pregnancy- related complications. The level of cholesterol is lower when it is < 100 mg/dl. But in pregnant women if the level of cholesterol is 159mg/dl then also it can result in premature birth of the baby. This happens because cholesterol plays a major role in the development of placenta and absence of cholesterol in the mothera��s body results in the hampering of the fetal development which results in low birth weight of the baby and smaller circumference of the head.

High Cholesterol during Pregnancy:

Those women who have high cholesterol levels before their pregnancy period will have some amount of increase in their cholesterol levels during the gestation period also which will greatly increase the chances of preterm birth in the women. Studies have proved that there is a close relation between the higher levels of cholesterol and hypertension in the pregnant women. Actually a pregnant woman whose cholesterol levels is 279 and above and also has their higher levels of insulin in her body is more likely to develop a condition of Pregnancy a��Induced Hypertension (PIH) which is very harmful for both mother and fetus as well.

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