What Is Fatty Streak

Fatty streak is a group of cells which carries white blood cells in them. It is not fat and can be noticed in the early stages of atheroma on the inner surface of the arteries. The appearance of the fatty streak is in the form of the small lesion which is irregular in shape and has off-white to yellow-white discoloration near the luminal surface of the artery.

The streaks are nothing but a small collection of monocyte derived macrophages which can be located on the inner surface of the arteries. These fatty streaks consist mainly of foamy cells which are derived to macrophage cells along with platelets and local smooth muscle cells. The presence of fatty streak can be an indication of atheromaa��s in the artery but it is not necessary that all the cells convert into fibrous plaques.

The study of these cells under the microscope reveals that these cells are foamy structures with cytoplasm intact inside them. As cholesterol present in the cells usually resides in the cell membrane so their accumulation of these elevated cells in the artery can result in rising up of the cholesterol levels in the body.

They called as fatty streaks because they are off-white to pure white in color and is noticed in the form of broad lines on the red / pink tissue of the arteries. The presence of fatty streaks in any person of any age group can be an indication of the upcoming risk of heart attack in human body.

There is no method to detect the presence of these fatty streaks in the body. But it is the fact the deposition of fatty streaks is the beginning of atherosclerosis in the body and after a certain duration of time they will transform into atherosclerosis. The only means to prevent the deposition of fatty streaks in the body is keep the levels of cholesterol low in the body, carry out regular exercise schedule and bring modification in the lifestyle. This will prevent the deposition of fatty streaks in the body and in turn reduce the risk of atherosclerosis as well.

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