Does Eating Red Meat Increases The Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

Red meats carry saturated fat in high amount which is capable of increasing the cholesterol level in the blood. So, the increase in LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease in the body. It is for the same reason red meat are not considered good for those who are already suffering from the problem of high blood pressure or heart disease.

But when it comes to cancer the picture is not very clear. Actually there is no clear evidence which can prove the relation of between the intake of red meat and formation of cancer. But many researches have been conducted to establish the relationship. One of such study was conducted on 72,000 women for nearly 18 years. This study concluded that intake of western diet which is rich in red and processed meat, refined grains, desserts; French fries severely increased the risk of cancer, heart disease and causes death.

Replace Red Meat With Some Other Food Items:

The relationship between the red meat and cholesterol content is very clear. Actually red meat is carries a lot of saturated fat in it which increases the cholesterol levels in the blood which in turn increases the blood pressure of the body. This increase in the blood pressure forces the heart to work more extensively which results in a heart disease.

It has been estimated that if red meat is replaced by some other food then the cholesterol levels of the body can greatly reduce. For example if one ounce of red meat in a day is replaced by one ounce of beans then it capable of reducing the risk of heart-disease to one-third in longer run. Similarly, replacing red meat with several other food items like fish, nuts, chicken or other poultry products or some low-fat dairy product will also help in reducing the risk of heart disease greatly.

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