Foods That Impact The Cholesterol Test

The higher levels of cholesterol results in the development of heart disease greatly. The levels of cholesterol can be tested by testing the lipids present in the body through a simple blood test. This test will not yield correct result if you have eat some food items which can affect the levels of lipid on your body. In the article below we will be discussing some of these food items in detail.

Foods That Affect The Cholesterol Test In The Body:

Some of the food items whose intake can affect the levels of cholesterol in the test are discussed below:

  • Saturated Fat:

    Intake of saturated will affect your cholesterol levels greatly. Cholesterol is present in many food items like poultry, dairy products, meat, sea food, eggs etc. Some oils like coconut and palm oil also have them. So, it is advisable to avoid taking them before you are going your cholesterol test.

  • Meat:

    Intake of meat can increase your cholesterol content greatly. So it is advisable to choose the leanest pork and try to remove all the fat from the meat to reduce the amount of cholesterol in them.

  • Fish:

    These are good for your cholesterol. So it is advisable to take them regularly twice in a week. Fishes have omega 3 fatty acids in them which is beneficial for your heart.

  • Dairy Products:

    Intake of low fat dairy products will have positive affect on your cholesterol content and vice-versa. For example if you are taking 2 percent of milk then reduce it to 1 percentage. This reduction will also help in reducing your cholesterol content as well.

  • Trans Fats:

    These are very bad for your body as they increase the amount of bad cholesterol greatly and lower the amount of good cholesterol. Trana��s fats are hugely found in packaged baked items, in cakes, cookies etc. It is advisable to avoid them completely so that your cholesterol levels remain constant.

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