Best Lean Meat To Eat

If the red meat is cut into lean pieces then it can be a healthy source of nutrition. A lean cut beef is supposed to carry 4.5 of saturated fat, 10 grams of total fat and 95mg of cholesterol in 3 ounce of servings. Red meat is very nutritious as provides the body with nutrition like iron which can result in muscle building, body building and vitamin B which provides energy to the body. It is for the same reason that doctorsa�� advice the intake of lean meat at least twice in a week. In the article below we will discuss the parts of red meat which can be more nutritious when cut lean.

Top Round:

If the beef is cut in top round position then it can be very nutritious for your body. If the top round is very lean then it is considered to carry 1.4 grams of fat, 4.2 grams of total fat and 1.4 grams of saturated fat per 3 servings. This type of red meat is the tendersa�� of all the round streaks.

Ground Beef:

This beef is different from the streak and is supposed to carry 8 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat in 3 ounce of serving. As this carries a higher amount of fats so it is advised to avoid this kind of lean meat. Before purchasing make sure that the pieces of red meat are genuinely thin so that they carry less cholesterol in them. Do not go by the label only which says a�?Lean meata��.

Eye Round Streak:

This is a less tender but lean meat, which is full of flavors. It is for the same reason that it is used in stews and other dishes which require cubes. An extra a�� lean eye round cut beef will carry 4.2 gram of total fat, 1.5 gram of saturated fat per 3 ounce of servings.

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