Cholesterol Contents Of Meat

Cholesterol content varies in all the meat products depending on the process which is required to cook the meat. Usually the pieces of 3 ounce of meat carry 70 mg of cholesterol. It has been noticed that the thinner the piece of meat is the lower will the cholesterol content in it.

It is for the same reason that the lean piece of meat carries nearly 50 mg of cholesterol per serving while the fattier cut fats will have nearly 100 mg of cholesterol in it. Apart from the method which is required for cooking meat also play a major role in increasing the cholesterol content in the meat. For example, steaming, grilling broiling, boiling etc. are the healthiest way of cooking food whereas frying meat in oil increases its cholesterol content greatly.

Cholesterol Content In various Products Of Meat:

The cholesterol content present in some of the meat products are:

  • Beef:

    3 ounces of beef products is supposed to carry nearly 50 -80 mg of cholesterol in it, which is 17-20% of the total cholesterol content a person should take in the whole day. Beef chopped in brisket or top round cutlet shape carry highest amount of cholesterol in them, which is nearly 75-80 mg per serving. But the rib eye roast, eye round roast, cube steak cuts and beef stew carries minimum amount of cholesterol which is 50 mg in each serving. Beef sausages carry very little amount of cholesterol which is 40 mg in every 3 ounce.

  • Poultry:

    Chicken and its products also carry cholesterol in the similar amount as that of beef. Chicken breasts are supposed to carry the lowest amount of cholesterol content in them which is nearly 60 mg in 3 ounces of chicken breast. Thighs, wings and drumsticks are supposed to carry nearly 100 mg of cholesterol in each serving. 3 ounces of roasted turkey is supposed to carry nearly 80 mg of cholesterol whereas duck carries nearly 160 mg of cholesterol in them.

  • Fish And Sea Food:

    3 ounces of oysters, scallops and cod contains nearly 20-30 mg of cholesterol in them whereas prawn carry nearly 170 mg of cholesterol in it. The fishes which are fries are supposed to carry 500 mg of cholesterol due to their cooking method. Whereas, 3 ounces of salmon carry 42 mg of cholesterol per serving, lobster carries 70 mg cholesterol per serving and the crab contains a little less amount of cholesterol in them.

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