Foods High In Protein And Low In Calories

Intake of food items which are high in protein and low in calories always help in maintaining the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in your body. In the article below we will be discussing some of the low calorie and high protein diet.

Foods High In Protein Less In Calories:

Some of the food items which are high in protein and less in calories are:

  • Shrimp:

    Intake of boiled or steamed shrimp is very beneficial for your health. 3 ounces of shrimp contains only 84 calories and nearly 18 grams of protein. These are also beneficial for your health because studies have proved that intake of shrimps do not the levels of cholesterol in the body and can be easily included in your healthy diet plan.

  • Egg Whites:

    The white part of the egg is supposed to carry protein in maximum amount but very few calories. It has been estimated that the intake of 4 egg whites in breakfast gives carries about 68 calories and 14 grams of protein in it. If egg whites are prepared with mushrooms, baby spinach or with herbs like thyme and chives then they add to its nutritional value without adding much calories to it.

  • Cottage Cheese:

    Cottage cheese carries nearly 14 grams of protein and only 81 calories in 4 ounce. Addition of this cheese to pasta, salsa or a cup of blue berries will not only enhance its taste but will also reduce the calorie content in the body.

  • Tuna:

    Intake of fresh water fish called tuna carries 21 gram of protein and 99 calories in nearly 3 oz of it. This is a nutrition fish, intake of which helps in reducing the amount of calorie in the body.

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