High Triglyceride a�� Home Treatment

The levels of high triglycerides can be lowered by bringing about some changes in your diet and in your lifestyle on day today basis. In the article below we will be discussing some of the simple changes which you can bring about in your lifestyle to lower the triglyceride content in your body.

Initial Treatment:

The initial steps which you must take to lower your triglyceride content in your body include:

  • Try to stay healthy in your weight and try to lose all the extra calories which you have in your body.
  • Limit the amount of unhealthy fat and cholesterol which you are taking in your body.
  • Always remain active in your activities.
  • Limit the intake of alcohol content. Intake of excessive alcohol increases your triglyceride levels greatly, so it is advisable to avoid taking them completely.
  • Avoid smoking as it enhances the levels of triglycerides greatly in your body.
  • Maintain the levels of blood sugar in your body. Try to keep them in normal range even if you are suffering from diabetes.
  • Intake of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet will help you in decreasing your triglyceride number, so it is advisable to add them in your diet in sufficient. So, eat fish twice in a week.
  • Be very active. Exercise regularly, Brisk walking for 30-60 minutes in a day will help you in reducing your triglyceride levels greatly. Moreover, it will also prevent you from heart disease and stroke as well.
  • Avoid using lifts rather use stairs, this will enhance the circulation of blood in your body, utilize some extra calories and hence will help you in reducing weight, prevent you from heart disease, heart attack, stroke etc. and will also reduce the number of triglyceride in your body.

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