Diseases Linked To High Cholesterol

The presence of High Cholesterol in the body can be a risk of other conditions as well. The presence of these conditions will depend on whether the blood vessels are blocked or narrowed. These conditions include heart stroke, coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Some of these conditioned are discussed in the article below.

Some Of The Diseases Associated With High Cholesterol:

Some of the diseases which are associated with high cholesterol are:

  • Cholesterol and Stroke:

    The condition of stroke arrives when the supply to any part of brain is interrupted. The levels of blood cholesterol are very much responsible for this condition. If the level of cholesterol is high in the blood it will result in the buildup of plaque on the walls of the arteries which causes their hardening. This condition is termed as atherosclerosis. As the result when strokes occurs a part of brain cannot get the oxygen and blood it require, hence the person starts to die.

  • Cholesterol And Coronary Heart Disease:

    This most common risk which is caused due to high high cholesterol level in your body. As the level of cholesterol increases in the body it result in the deposition of plaque in the arteries. This process results in slowdown in the flow of blood in the arteries due to their narrowing. This condition causes angina pain and in case the blood vessel is completely closed it can result in heart attack as well.

  • Cholesterol and Peripheral Vascular Disease:

    This is the condition which is caused away from heart and brain. In this condition the deposition of fat takes place on the walls of the arteries which affect the flow of blood mainly in legs and feet of the body.

  • Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure:

    High cholesterol level and high blood pressure are very closely linked with each other. When the deposition of plaque takes place on the walls of the arteries and they become hard and narrow, they flow if blood slows down in them. As the result, heart has to strain itself to pump blood through them, this automatically raises the pressure of the blood flowing through the arteries.

  • Cholesterol and Diabetes:

    The presence of diabetes can imbalance the levels of LDL and HDl in the body. Those who are already suffering from diabetes will have LDL particles attached to the arteries which will damage the walls of blood vessels more easily. Glucose present in the blood will get attached to lipoprotein ( LDL is a type of lipoprotein only).So, LDL gets covered with a sugar content and flows through the blood vessels for long time and result in the formation of plaque. People suffering from diabetes are supposed to have low LDL and high triglycerides. Both the conditions pose a threat to the heart and result in heart disease.

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