High Cholesterol And Women

Higher levels of cholesterol are dangerous for both men and women but women are at a higher risk of getting affected. Actually before menopause the levels of cholesterol are similar in both men and women but after menopause the levels of cholesterol raises intensely in women. That means that as the women ages the levels of can shoot up sharply. Therefore it is necessary for women to take proper care even before the menopause arrives. In this article we will be discussing reasons for the women having high cholesterol content after menopause.

Reasons for High Cholesterol in Women:

Some of the reasons for higher cholesterol content in women are:

  • Before menopause, the levels of estrogen are automatically high in the body of the women. These high levels of estrogen help them in maintaining the proper levels of cholesterol in the body. After the menopause or due to the removal of the ovaries, the levels of estrogen fall down. As the result the level of HDL cholesterol also goes down as well.
  • The normal HDL level in the body is considered as 60 mg/dl for both men and women. But the lower level of HDL is <40 mg/dl for men and for women it is <50 mg/dl.
  • The women who take contraceptive pills must undergo cholesterol test at frequent intervals. It is because the hormones present in the pill effects the cholesterol levels of the body and can even result in blood clotting. Actually the estrogen present in contraceptive pill increases the HDL content in the body but decreases the amount of LDL. Similarly, Progestin present in contraceptive pill shows opposite results. It is therefore advisable to consult a physician regarding the cholesterol effects your contraceptive pill can have.
  • Cholesterol medication shows different results for both men and women. It has been noticed that they are more effective on men as compared to women.

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