Symptoms Of High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a dense substance which is thick and sticky in nature. It flows through the vessels along with the blood and gets deposited in the same vessels in the form of plaque. There are no underlined symptoms for the presence of high cholesterol in body but some of indications which symbolize its presence are mentioned below.

Some of The Symptoms Of High Cholesterol:

Some of the symptoms of high cholesterol are:

  • The rings are noticed around the cornea, the condition is termed as corneal arcus
  • The patches of yellow color are noticed around the eyelids due to the deposition of the excess cholesterol around the eyelids or under the skin.
  • Some enlargement will be noticed in the spleen and liver on physical examination
  • The skin present under and around the eyes will change its color.
  • The color of the peripheral cornea will change
  • Formation of fatty nodules will be noticed over the tendons
  • The arteries which supply blood to other organs will become narrow and later cause blood clots which will eventually result in a heart attack.

Causes of High Blood Cholesterol:

High cholesterol is caused due to the intake of unhealthy diet especially the food which contains saturated fat content in high amount in them. Food items like butter, pork, eggs, cheese, beef etc. carry a lot of saturated fat in them. So, unhealthy eating and lack of exercise result in higher cholesterol levels.

Excessive weight of the body can also result in high cholesterol content. This means that obese people are more likely to suffer from high cholesterol content. Apart from this intake of alcohol and smoking can also result in high cholesterol content in the body.

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