Foods In High Cholesterol a�� What Are High Cholesterol Foods

If the foods you are eating taste good then there are chances that it carries high cholesterol content in it. Actually the food you eat carries two types main nutrients one is saturated fat which is generally present in animal products and the other is cholesterol which also comes from animal products only.

The presence of saturated fat in your food means intake of more LDL (bad cholesterol) in your food, thus increase in cholesterol levels in the body. As the result of high cholesterol, higher risk of heart attacks. Therefore it is important to reduce the amount of intake of saturated cholesterol in the body. This can only be done by eating those food items which are cholesterol free.

What are High Cholesterol Foods?

The food items which are responsible for increasing the cholesterol level in the body are known as High Cholesterol Food. But the fact is that the cholesterol content present is not responsible for making them harmful. It is rather the fat or to be more precise the saturated fat present in these food items which makes them more harmful.

Actually, the function of liver is to produce cholesterol in our body. The production of cholesterol by liver four times more than the amount of the cholesterol taken in by the food. This is the main reason why the saturated fats taken in through foods are a greater risk for your heart. This can be explained with the help of an example. The intake of coconut oil is more harmful than the intake of seafood. Although coconut oil is cholesterol free whereas seafood has highly saturated fat in it. This is because seafood has cholesterol but it also has polyunsaturated fats which act as the protective shield which enables the liver to produce less harmful cholesterol and more HDL cholesterol in the body.

Thus, while selecting for the food you eat, you must keep in mind the amount of saturated fat you will be taking in with the food. The more the saturated fat, more will the level of bad cholesterol in the body. You must go through the description given at the back of teach packet which says:

  • Cholesterol Free: < 2 milligrams of cholesterol & 2 grams or < (less) fat
  • Low Cholesterol: 20 milligrams or < cholesterol & 2 grams or < (less) saturated fat
  • Fat Free: < 1/2 gram fat
  • Low Fat: 3 grams or < (less) fat
  • Reduced Fat: 25% less fat than other brands of same food.

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