How To Lower Cholesterol Though Diet

Intake of low fat diet is capable of lowering your cholesterol content greatly. Inorder to consume a low fat diet, you will need to make some changes in your food. For example you have to replace food containing high-fat with that of low a�� fat food. In this article we will be discuss few food items with low-fat which you can regularly eat.

Food Items with Low Cholesterol Content:

Some of the food items with low cholesterol content are:

  • Green Vegetables: You can broil, boil or keep them in microwave for some time and then fry them in A? teaspoon of oil. The prepared dish is very tasty to eat and carries all the required nutrition as well.
  • Use Herbs and Spices In place Of Sauces, Butter or Margarine: If you want to make vegetables delicious then season them with herbs and spices. Avoid using butter, sauces or margarine etc. as they add calories to your food.
  • Use Lemon Juice/ Yogurt for Dressing: Try to use yogurt or lemon juice for salad dressing. This is because the mayonnaise and cream dressing carries a lot of fat in them where as lemon juice and yogurt are fat free so they do not carry any fat in them.
  • Use Vegetable Oil/ Tub Margarine Oil: The use of butter or stick margarine oil carries a lot of saturated fat in them so it is advisable to replace them with vegetable oil which carries low fat in it. Thus it will help in reducing the cholesterol content in the body.
  • Intake Of Skimmed Milk: It is advisable to replace whole milk with skimmed milk in puddings, baked products, soups etc. If you require sour cream for some recipe then it is advisable to use non-fat yogurt, low fat sour cream, cottage cheese, buttermilk. This will reduce the amount of calorie intake in your food.
  • Eat Lean Cut Meat: It is advisable to go for meat with lean cut. You must also ensure that all the fat is precisely trimmed before and after the cooking of the meat. Similarly, remove the skin of the poultry products as well, before and after cooking it. Moreover, you are advised to bake, roast or broil poultry, meat and fish as these processes drains away all the fat once they are cooked.
  • Use Non-Stick Pan: The use of non-stick pan for cooking purposes will prevent the addition of extra fat to your food.

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