What Is Small Dense LDL

Smaller Dense LDL is typical LDL cholesterol which smaller and heavier as compared to LDL cholesterol. The presence of this kind of cholesterol is considered as an upcoming risk of developing a heart disease in the near future. This type of cholesterol carries a risk of developing atherosclerosis in the body. In the article below we will be discussing this cholesterol in detail.

Who Can Be the Carriers Of Small Dense LDL:

This type of cholesterol can be found in the persons of any age group. This means that any one from young to adult to old can suffer from this condition. It has been found that small dense LDL can be either inherited from the parents or the lifestyle of the person can result in the creation of this kind of cholesterol in the body. Some other persons who can develop this kind of cholesterol in their body are:

  • Those who are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes
  • Those who suffer from metabolic syndrome
  • Those who have high carbonate intake
  • Those who have the intake of trans fat
  • Those who suffer from high triglyceride, low HDL

Steps To Reduce The Creation Of Small Dense LDL:

Some of the steps which can be followed in reducing your small dense LDL are:

  • If small dense LDL present in your body is inherited one then nothing much can be done about it. In this case only the lifestyle change can be of some help. So, it is advisable to make considerable changes in your lifestyle.
  • Make sure that you lower the intake of saturated fat and trans fat in excess.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes then take the medicines properly and follow the healthy diet as well.
  • If you are overweight then it is advisable to shed off your weight immediately. Also ensure that you undertake some physical activity. This will not only reduce your weight but also helps in reducing the carbohydrate content also from the body.

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