What Is High Cholesterol In Children

The presence of high cholesterol is not present only in adults but it also affects children as well. Children who suffer from high cholesterol in their childhood are more liable to suffer from heart problems when grow old. The presence of excess of cholesterol in the body can result in the deposition of plaque on the arteries wall. As these arteries carry blood to the heart and other organs of the body, so the deposition of plaque narrows them. As the result, the flow of blood is blocked which in turn causes heart problems. The presence of cholesterol can also result in stroke as well.

Causes Of High Cholesterol In Children:

There are three basic factors which can result in high cholesterol in children. They are:

  • Heredity:

    This means that if any one of the parent is suffering from the condition of high blood pressure then this condition will be automatically be transferred to the child. This is the main reason behind the child suffering from the problem of high blood pressure at such a young stage.

  • Diet:

    Intake of improper diet can play a major role in the development of high blood pressure at small age. These days fast food carrying a lot of calories is very famous among children. Intake of this kind of food regularly can result in high cholesterol level in your body.

  • Obesity:

    The children who over weight since their childhood can also develop the condition of high cholesterol content in your body. Actually excessive weight invites for complications and high blood pressure is one of them.

Treatment Of High Cholesterol In Children:

Here are few basic tips which can be followed to treat high cholesterol content in children. They are:

  • Give your child healthy food to eat. Avoid the food carrying a lot of fat and oil in it. Include green vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. in the diet of your child.
  • Make sure all the food which your child eats carries cholesterol in low amount.
  • Keep your child active. Ensure that he/she participates in outdoor activities like running, biking, swimming etc. This will automatically reduce the cholesterol content in the body.

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