Effects Of High Cholesterol On Liver

The production of cholesterol in our body takes place in liver. It is the organ in our which produces cholesterol in all the human beings. It is due to this reason that strict vegetarians have them in a sufficient amount in their body. Actually, our body cells require cholesterol that is why the cholesterol which liver produces is used by each and every cell to strengthen their membranes. But the cholesterol which is measured in blood comes from the dietary substances i.e. from the food we eat. If the amount of the cholesterol flowing in blood increases then it affects liver and its functioning as well. In this article we will discuss some of the effects of high cholesterol on liver:

Top 4 Effects Of High Cholesterol On Liver:

Some of the effects of high cholesterol on liver are discussed in the article below:

  • The presence of excess of cholesterol in the blood can result in a fatty liver, a condition in which excess of deposition of cholesterol/ fat takes place resulting in fatty liver. Advance stage of this condition can even result in the failure of the liver also.
  • Even the cholesterol lowering diet and medicines have found to have adverse effect on liver resulting in its damage.
  • Accumulation of cholesterol breaks an important antioxidant which is present liver. The breakdown of the cells gets inflamed in the liver and later results in the damaging of the liver as well.
  • The accumulation of triglycerides and fatty acids which is known as lipids in the liver is a stepping stone towards the formation of a fatty liver. This continuous accumulation does not have any second stage but rather directly leads to the failure of the liver.

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