Symptoms of High Cholesterol in Children

There are no defined symptoms for high cholesterol in the body. In children also this condition do not show any prior signs but those children whose parents suffer from this condition are more likely to suffer from the same. Such children must be taken for early examination so that proper evaluation can be done which will reduce the chances of premature heart risk in children. In this we will be throwing light on the conditions which can result in high cholesterol in your children.

Condition Resulting In High Cholesterol in Children:

Some of the conditions which can result in high cholesterol in children are:

Genetic History:

Those children, whose parents have their total cholesterol content above 240 mg/dl, are at the risk of getting high cholesterol level as well. It is therefore advisable for such kids to keep checking their cholesterol after they attain 2 years of age and before they reach 10 years of age. Those kids whose father have had a heart attack before 55 years or suffered an attack before 65 years of age are at also at the risk of having high cholesterol content in them. Apart from these, there is a condition called familial hypercholesterolemia which is a genetic condition, in which children can suffer from high levels of bad cholesterol content or they can even have heart attacks in their early life as well.

Overweight Kids:

Those kids who are overweight in their early childhood days are more likely to suffer from high cholesterol levels. The children and teens who are at or above 85 to 90 percentile of their body mass index are considered to be overweight. So the children who fall in this category must undergo lipid test as early as possible.

Ideal Cholesterol Levels For Children:

Those kids who fall in the age group of 2018 years must have the cholesterol levels less than 170 mg/dl. The borderline cholesterol level for the kids and teens is in between 170-199 mg/dl. Those kids who fall in between this ratio must go for screening ai least once in a year. Those kids who have their total cholesterol content as 200mg/dl or above it are advised to undertake dietary changes and also go for cholesterol lowering medicines.

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