Effects of High Cholesterol On The Heart

Cholesterol is a fat like substance which in our vessels along with the blood. It can be of two types either good or bad. Cholesterol is an important substance for your body. most of the part of the liver and many other cells is made up of cholesterol itself. But increase in number of bad cholesterol can have adverse effect on heart and other body parts as well. In this article we will be discussing some of the effects of cholesterol on your heart.

Effects of High Cholesterol On The Heart:

Some of the effects of high cholesterol on your heart are:

  • A level of LDL is first absorbed in the walls of the arteries and acts like an irritant. Slowly this deposition starts collection of fatty particles around it. As the result huge deposition of fats start collecting around it.
  • Due to the above collection of fat, the vessel of blood becomes narrow and stiff and is not able to respond to the trigger which it gets regarding the expansion and constriction of the vessel. Thus hindering the smooth flow of blood which carries oxygen to different parts of body.
  • The above activity can happen in any of the body part like if it happens in leg, it will create difficulty in walking and if it happens in neck, it will cut supply of blood to brain resulting in a stroke.
  • Similarly if the vessels of heart are clogged, the flow of blood to the tissues of the heart reduces, resulting in angina or chest pain.
  • If the clogged formed is ruptured it can result in a heart attack, a condition which causes the tissues of heart to die.

Tips To Lower High Cholesterol:

Here are few simple tips which will help you in lowering your high cholesterol. They are:

  • Eat healthy food. Intake of food which has low cholesterol content in them will be of great help.
  • Exercise regularly. Even walking for some time or doing some stretching will be great help.
  • In advance cases, medication will be helpful which help in reducing the LDL content in the body.

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