Healthy Cholesterol In Teenagers

As we that cholesterol is a waxy deposition in the blood and the deposition of it in the arteries result in a heart attack. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the proper levels of cholesterol in the body. The cholesterol is of two types good or bad. The high levels of bad cholesterol are not good health whereas the high levels of good cholesterol on the other hand are very beneficial. There are several causes which result in high cholesterol levels in the blood. Some of these reasons are discussed in the article.

Exact Levels Of Healthy Cholesterol In Teenagers:

The recent studies have proved that when the total level of cholesterol in a 12 year old boy is 233 mg/dl or greater than this, then it is termed as a high cholesterol level. Below this level the level of cholesterol is healthy cholesterol level. While in the males of 15-19 years the dangerous level is considered in between 220 a�� 238 mg/dl.
In girls of 12 years of age the total level of cholesterol is considered as 211 mg/dl. This is not dangerous up to the age of 15 years in girls. But the dangerous level arrives at the age of 19 when the levels cross 238 mg/dl in females.

Causes of High Cholesterol in Teenagers:

Some of the causes of high cholesterol in teenagers are:

  • Diet:

    Improper intake of food can result in high levels of cholesterol in teenagers. If a teenage is diagnosed with a high cholesterol level then he/she must follow a strict diet which is beneficial in reducing the levels of cholesterol frequently.

  • Heredity:

    Most of the times teenage suffer from high levels of cholesterol because it is in their genes. This means that if parents suffer from high cholesterol problem then it is more likely that it will be transferred to the offspring through genes. Thus, children are more likely to suffer from the same situation.

  • Exercise Regularly:

    If you suffer from high cholesterol problem and you are not exercising regularly then it can be harmful for your health. This is because regular exercises have the ability to boost good cholesterol and help in reducing the risk of heart attack.

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