Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Can only prescription medications help in lowering cholesterol? No, there are even alternative treatments that proved to be beneficial in lowering cholesterol.

Cholesterol lowering supplements

made from natural sources not only help in lowering cholesterol, but also improve health of the heart. Here are a few

cholesterol lowering supplements

dicussed in detail.

  • Fish oil –

    Fish oil supplements are one of the top 5 supplements that help in lowering cholesterol. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil capsules are good for heart's health. They lower the triglyceride levels, a form of fats which are associated with cholesterol. These supplements also help in raising the good cholesterols and thus lower the heart disease risks.

  • Artichoke Extracts –

    Research studies revealed that artichoke extracts help in lowering cholesterol naturally. A research study was made on 100 patients with high cholesterol levels. They were supplemented with 450 mg of artichoke leaf extracts. The patients continued taking this specific dosage for about 6 weeks and after that blood was taken for teatsing. It showed that there was about 19 % drop in bad cholesterol levels in them. Thus this was regarded as the effective treatment for people suffering from high cholesterols.

  • Barley –

    Including cereal grain in the diet is good for high cholesterol people. The reason is barley is rich in soluble fiber that helps in lowering bad cholesterol and thus reduce the risk of heart diseases. Intake of diet rich in barley or taking barley supplements can help in lowering bad cholesterols.

  • Green Tea Extracts –

    Green tea extracts are also effective cholesterol lowering supplements. Green tea compels the body to remove the bad cholesterol and even reduces the ability of cholesterol absorption. Daily consumption of green tea or taking it in the form of supplements is very useful in lowering bad cholesterols.

  • Sitastanol –

    This is basically a chemical derived from vegetable oils and is an important butter substitute. A reaserch study made on a group of people by giving them sitastanol supplements revealed its effects. The patients showed a drop in their bad cholesterol levels after a ample period of time. This clearly reveals its cholesterol lowering effects.

  • Vitamin B3 –

    This vitamin also known as niacin helps in lowering cholesterol levels. It should be taken in form of supplements made from a variety of fruits and vegetables. A daily dosage of 2000 milligrams is very effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Research studies revealed that there will be about 30 % increase in good cholesterols.

These are the top important

cholesterol lowering supplements.

But it is always good to consult your physician before their intake.

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