Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

Most of the people around the world suffer from heart diseases. The main cause is high cholesterol levels that can be genetic and in some cases through diet. There are various ways to lower cholesterol without medication and they are considered to be the safest ways. Change in lifestyle and dietary habits are the correct ways to lower cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a waxy fat component present in the is of two main forms – good and bad cholesterol. Only bad cholesterol is not safe and build up in bad cholesterol levels cause various heart problems. The following article discusses about the ways to lower cholesterol without medication.

  • Weight fruit and vegetables
    The main factor that raises cholesterol levels in a person is excess weight. Obesity is the main cause for cardiovascular diseases around the world. It raises blood pressure levels and lowers the life expectancy of an individual nearly half. You should take healthy diet and practice all possible ways to reduce the excess weight. This can have a drastic effect on lowering cholesterol.
  • Food
    Genetic reasons can also be a factor for high cholesterol levels. Make sure you avoid all sorts of cholesterol foods. Instead take foods the lower cholesterol. Include foods like almond, flax seeds, garlic and oatmeal which are very effective in lowering cholesterol without medication. Also avoid trans fatty foods and go for healthy fat foods. Include more and more fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber. Take omega-3 fatty acids in supplement form. Also fish like tuna, sardines, mackerel and some more are high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Exercise Lower Cholesterol Without Medication
    Perform regular exercises for a healthy lifestyle. Make a habit of going for a 30 minutes walk daily. Also do physical exercises like cycling, walking and swimming. Also simple changes in your daily routine helps. For example, use stairs instead of elevator, walk to your workplace if it is near, walk to the store if its nearby, etc. These activities not only help in reducing weight, but also reduces stress that can trigger heart problems.
  • Other factors to lower cholesterol without medication
    Quit smoking and even stop alcohol consumption. Try to be away from stress as much as possible. Meditation can help to eliminate stress.

These are the most important factors that help lower cholesterol without medication.

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