Normal Cholesterol Levels in Men

Cholesterol eventhough is an essential component in the body, produces rsisk if present in excess amounts. It becomes one of the major factor for heart problems and is certainly a matter of concern. This article discuses the

normal cholesterol levels in men

which should be maintained by every man to stay away from the heart disorder risks.

Following mentioned are the

normal cholesterol levels in men

which are considered to be healthy. Cholesterol is usually divided into 4 main categories – total cholesterol, good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. These all together form a lipid profile in the body system. Cholesterol is determined in the units – mg/dL i.e milligrams per deciliter.

Total Cholesterol Levels in Men

Total Cholesterol Level (mg/dL)


< 200

No risky level and is a desired total cholesterol level

200 – 239

Little risky level and should be controlled

> 240

High risky level and high chance of heart disorders

Bad (LDL) Cholesterol Levels in Men

This type of cholesterol is not good for health and raises the risk of heart diseases and thus named as bad cholesterol. LDL is low density lipoprotein and this should be kept in as much as mimimum level.

Bad Cholesterol Level (mg/dL)


< 100

No risky level

100 – 129

Slight high than normal level

130 – 159

High borderline level and should be controlled

160 – 189

High risky level

> 190

Very high risk level and is dangerous

Good (HDL) Cholesterol Levels in Men

This type of cholesterol is very good and essential for the body as it helps in eliminating the bad cholesterol from the body. HDL meand high density lipoprotein and is very important.

Good (HDL) Cholesterol Level (mg/dL)


< 40

High risky level

40 – 59

Slight non-risky level

> 60

Optimal normal level

Triglyceride Levels in Men

Excess consumption of sweets and alcohol lead to increased triglyceride levels.

Triglyceride Level (mg/dL)


< 150

Normal level

150 – 199

Borderline high level

200 – 499

High risky level and should be reduced

> 500

Very high risky level and is dangerous

These are the normal cholesterol levels in men. It is very good to maintain these healthy levels for a proper health and wellbeing.

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