Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance produced naturally in the body. Having excess of cholesterol is bad for the body as it increases the risk of heart problems. There are ways to lower cholesterol that helps you to get rid of heart risks and thus lead a healthy life. Research finds out that eating healthy foods, performing regular exercises and maintaining good lifestyle are the proper

ways to lower cholesterol

and reduce the heart problems by 80%.

Consume 2 glasses of orange juice before noon –

Orange juice has got property to normalize cholesterol levels. Prefer orange juice that is especially made for heart patients like heartwise orange juice as they contain plant sterols. Researchers of the University of California-Davis made a study on 72 men and women who consumed this juice. It was observed that there was 7% reduction in total cholesterol levels and 13% reduction in bad cholesterol levels in these people.

Consume 6 to more small meals a day –

People who consume smaller meals 6 to more times a day are known to have low cholesterol levels than people who consume 2 larger meals a day. Consuming 6 meals that are very small is good.

Switch only to whole grain bread sandwiches –

Cut back simple carb foods such as white bread and instead eat more complex carb foods such as whole grain breads and brown rice. They help in raising the good cholesterol levels and lower the triglycerides, which also contribute for heart problems.

Gulp a glass of wine with dinner –

Research studies show that consuming a glass of wine everyday along with dinner increases the good cholesterol levels. Red wines are good as they are nearly 3 to 10 times rich in plant saponins that has a good effect on lowering cholesterol.

Use olive oil in salad dressings –

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats that help to lower cholesterol levels. It reduces the bad cholesterol in diabetics and metabolic syndrome sufferers and is also good for obese people. Homemade salads can be dressed with olive oil instead of other cooking oils.

Use paper filters to filter the brewed coffee and skip the hot stuff –

Two components called cafestol and kahweol are found in the brewed coffee that raise the cholesterol levels. But filtering the brewed coffee using paper filters removes these components and it is safe to drink the filtered coffee.

Have oatmeal every morning –

A lot of research was done on oatmeal's effects on cholesterol. And that's the reason oat manufacturers boast about its benefits. Oats are rich in beta glucan, a soluble fiber compound that lowers bad cholesterol by 12 – 24 %on regular consumption. 

Quaff a cup of black tea for every 4 hours –

This is also one of the best ways to lower cholesterol. Health experts found that consuming 5 cups of black tea a day for about 3 weeks reduced cholesterol levels to a great extent.

Add soy milk to your morning cereal –

A research study made at Spain on 40 men and women showed that people who consumed 2 cups of soy milk everyday for about 3 months lowered their bad cholesterol levels and raised their good cholesterol levels.

Eat a grapefruit every alternate day –

Grapefruits are rich sources of pectin compound which is a soluble fiber that helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Even berries and apples are also good in pectin component.

Eat avocados everyday –

Research studies reveal that consuming one avocado everyday as a part of your diet is one of the ways to lower cholesterol. It can reduce bad cholesterol to nearly 17%.

Use honey instead of sugar –

A research study made at Dubai in the United Arab Emirates revealed that people who consumed honey drinks showed lower cholesterol levels. There was a significant reduction in bad cholesterol levels when honey solutions are consumed than solutions with glucose.

These are some of the

ways to lower cholesterol.

Follow them to stay away from the risks of heart diseases and thus maintain a cholesterol free heart and health.

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