10 Good Foods for Your Heart

Heart disorders are becoming such a great health concern as a result of unhealthy dietary habits, lack of exercises, sedentary lifestyle, personal and life related stress. Even high blood pressure and cholesterol levels cause heart problems. Eating right kind of good foods for your heart help in maintaining a healthy heart.

The following mentioned are the

10 good foods for your heart


Green leafy vegetables

These are very healthy food options that help reduce heart disorders as well as cancers. The reason behind this amazing property is that they are high in dietary fibre content, low in calories and fat. They even contain minerals like magnesium, folic acid, potassium, calcium, etc that help to maintain heart’s health. Research studies reveal that one serving of green leafy vegetables everyday helps lower heart problems by 11%.


These are the healthiest breakfast options and are very good foods for healthy heart. Oats not only help you in feeling energetic and full, but are very good for heart. They contain a soluble fibre, beta glucan that helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. To gain this wonderful health benefits, eat oatmeal cookies or bread regularly.

Whole grains

Whole grains such as barley, wheat, pulses, millet and beans as well are very good for healthy heart as they are rich in vitamin and natural fibre content.

They are high in iron, vitamin E, magnesium and certain antioxidants which make them good for regular consumption. Whole grains even lower high blood pressure levels.

Soy protein

Soy and soy products are also one of the 10 good foods for your heart. Soy is an excellent substitute for red meat which is high in saturated fats and raise the bad cholesterol levels. Soy do not raise any bad cholesterol levels and is very good for healthy heart. It is available in the form of soya mince and soya chunks in the market.

Olive oil

This is the excellent oil among all other oils which is very healthy and is very good for heart. Regular consumption of olive oil lowers bad cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. It contains monounsaturated fats and antioxidants in high amounts. Use this oil as a substitute for other cooking oils. Also sprinkle some oil as a dressing on salads. It will be great.


These are rich sources of vitamins and also help in purifying the blood. Regular consumption help in lowering the heart risks. The risk of hemorrhages can be prevented due to the rich vitamin K content present in tomatoes. They can be consumed in cooked form as gravies or ketchup and in raw form as salads and sandwiches.


Apples have rich anti-inflammatory properties due to a photochemical compound called guercetin present in them. It also helps in preventing blood clot formation. Make sure you eat one apple a day either for breakfast or as a snack.


Almonds are also one of the 10 good foods for your heart. But they need to be consumed in moderation. They are very good sources of minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium and also contain Vitamins B17 and E and monounsaturated fats.

Red wine

Red wine is good for heart if taken in moderate amounts. It contains resveratol compound which is the most powerful antioxidant that is responsible for maintain heart’s health. It also contains flavonoids. Consume red wine in moderation instead of alcoholic drinks high in sugar content.

The above mentioned are the 10 good foods for you heart. They all help in maintaining the cholesterol and blood pressure levels in optimal levels. The high dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals present in them help in proper functioning of the heart and therefore lower all the risks of heart problems.

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