Triglyceride Diet a�� Diet to Lower Triglycerides

Wanted to know triglyceride diet to lower your triglyceride levels? Worried that if your triglyceride levels cannot be cut down, you may be at risk of heart stroke or heart attack? Read the following article on the triglyceride diet that may find helpful to you in lowering triglyceride levels.

Healthy Diet to Lower Triglycerides
Exercise and diet are the most effective ways to lower triglyceride levels. If the triglyceride levels cannot be lowered through these two ways, then you should go for medications to lower triglycerides. Listed below are the dietary tips to lower triglycerides. Triglyceride Diet a�� Diet to Lower Triglycerides

  • Avoid processed carbohydrates, sugars and sweets. You can take complex carbohydrates. They are rich in legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These foods contain high minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Reduce the calorie intake and increase the physical activity. Try to use more amount of energy so as to lower triglycerides.
  • Avoid white sugar as it causes sudden hike and fall in blood sugar levels until a person develops insulin resistance. It has no energy and nutrients and immediately converts to triglycerides.
  • Corn sugars and corn syrups are also equally bad. They also act the same way as white sugar in raising the triglyceride levels.
  • Be on a strict carb diet. Eliminate excess consumption of high carbohydrate and high calorie foods. You can eat low fat diary products, fruits, vegetables and lean meat.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol aids in raising the triglyceride levels very fast. If you are very serious about lowering triglycerides, the you need to cut down alcohol intake.
  • Be cautious about the type of fats you eat. Avoid trans and saturated fats. Instead eat monounsaturated fats like canola or olive oil in small amounts. Add fish as they contain more amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and flax seeds to your diet.

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  1. Would you please advise me what are the foods that will lower my Triglyceride level. At present I am in the level of 255.

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