Congestive Heart Failure Diet

A diet especially designed for patients suffering from congestive heart failure is called a

congestive heart failure diet

. The main important thing to keep in mind while taking this diet is to limit salt intake. The reason is the sodium causes fluid retention that can make the symptoms of congestive heart failure more severe. The following guidelines gives certain keys for a

congestive heart failure diet.

  • Use less salt in cooking –

    Lessening the salt amounts in the diet does not mean that the person should completely eat bland foods throughout the lifetime. Instead the foods can be seasoned with ground pepper, spices and herbs. Use vinegar and citrus juices to marinate meat. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Also refer a nutritionist for tips on making low salt content foods.

  • Check for sodium content on commercial foods –

    Commercial foods like condiments, canned soups, packaged foods, etc should be checked for sodium content. Also see the nutritional information on a particular food. Make sure to serve in a way where the sodium content is less. Go for low-salt versions of commercial products. You find an alternative if salt is the main ingredients of a product.

  • Be conscious on salt content when eating out –

    You should be very careful when eating outside. It does not mean that you should cut down eating in restaurants, etc. But make sure that you go to a restaurants which makes food according to dietary needs. Order such foods. For instance, eat fresh fruits or steamed vegetables instead of rice pilaf or French fries. Request for salad dressing and also ask for lemon or vinegar.

These tips can help you to go on a congestive heart failure diet. But, these may sound difficult for a person to completely change the eating habits.

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