Congestive Heart Failure Stages

Congestive heart failure is a medical condition of decreased pumping capability of the heart. The body tissues therefore do not receive adequate oxygen and blood. The heart fails to function properly as the

congestive heart failure stages

proceed. In the earlier stages, the heart enlarges to meet all the body requirements and therefore starts pumping aggressively to circulate more blood throughout the body. But after certain time period, as the pumping becomes more stronger, the heart functioning slows down and muscles weaken. At last, the condition leads to heart pain and restlessness.

Following are the congestive heart failure stages:

  • In the initial stages, the patients show no symptoms of congestive heart failure. But they feel little bit tired than usual from doing a physical activity.
  • The following stage one can observe severe fatigue during physical activity. They experience heart palpitations even after limited period of exercises. But when enough rest is taken, these symptoms subside.
  • This is a stage where the person can feel good while rest, but the continuous activities can lead to shortness of breath and tiredness. At this congestive heart failure stage, exercise and physical activity become extremely limited.
  • At the final congestive heart failure stage, the patient's life becomes severely affected due to the progressive illness day by day. The symptoms that signal the heart's inability to function properly continue to develop even while rest. Breathing difficulties are also experienced.

It is estimated that about 1.76% Americans over 65 years of age experience congestive heart failure. Most of the cases are believed to be due to birth defects.

Causes of Congestive Heart Failure

There are many factors other than birth defects that cause congestive heart failure. They include:

  • Disorders related to heart muscles
  • Disorders that cause improper heart functioning
  • Disease conditions like anemia and diabetes
  • High blood pressure is also a cause for congestive heart failure.


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