Cholesterol Lowering Medications

In some cases, in addition to a high fiber and low fat diet,

cholesterol lowering medications

are needed to lower high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a very important component in the body made by the liver. It also enters the body through food sources. Excess cholesterol build up is harmful to the heart.

The primary treatment against high cholesterol is to have a diet high in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fats and trans fats, seeds and nuts and performing physical exercises. These alone cannot lower high blood cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol lowering medications

are also important. The following article provides the information on cholesterol lowering medications that physicians generally prescribe for the people with high cholesterol levels.

List of Cholesterol Lowering Medications:

These medications work better and are more effective when taken with a healthy diet and physical exercise.

Statins – How do they work?

Statins inhibit the liver from producing cholesterol. They help in lowering the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels and raise good cholesterol levels very slowly. These are foremost prescribed by the physicians as the first line of treatment. These statins produce certain side effects that include liver damage, intestinal problems and muscle tenderness.

Nicotinic Acid – How does it work?

This is a B-complex vitamin usually found in foods. It is also prescribed in a medication form. It helps raise good cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol levels. This also produces certain side effects such as headache, tingling, itching and flushing.

Bile Acid Resins – How do they work?

They work effectively in the intestine. They bind to the bile of the liver and thus prevent the cholesterol from absorbing into the circulatory system. Bile is mostly made from the cholesterol and these bile acid resins thus deplete the cholesterol supply to the body. The side effects include upset stomach, gas and constipation.

Fibrates – How do they work?

These cholesterol lowering medications help decrease the triglyceride levels and raise good cholesterol levels in the blood.

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