Niacin to Lower Cholesterol

Niacin is considered as a natural means to lower bad cholesterol levels. Research also proved that

niacin to lower cholesterol

is far better than other medications in producing side effects. Niacin supplements are found to be effective than statins in maintaining cholesterol levels. But, how does niacin help lower cholesterol and in what way it really works?To know more about this, read the following article.

Niacin has a positive effect not only on lowering cholesterol, but also improves the overall health of the heart. It is the best alternative to statin medications and for people who cannot tolerate to the severe side effects of statin medications.

What is the Effect of Niacin on Cholesterol?

  • Niacin and bad cholesterol.

    Intake of high doses of niacin help lower bad cholesterol levels i.e low density lipoprotein.

  • Niacin and good cholesterol

    . Does niacin help raise good cholesterol levels? This is really an important question. Unlike other cholesterol medications which help lower only bad cholesterol levels and show no effect on good cholesterol levels, niacin helps in raising good cholesterol levels too.

  • Niacin and Total Cholesterol.

    The total cholesterol level is not lowered and maintained in the correct ratio as niacin has the effect of lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol levels. Thus, the cholesterol range in maintained in healthy ratio.

  • Niacin and Triglyceride.

    Niacin also has the ability to reduce triglyceride levels thereby decreasing the risk of heart disorders.

Does Niacin Produce any Side Effects?

Though niacin is very effective in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, it produces certain side effects. The side effects of niacin include itching and flushing of the face, dizziness, stomach upset, liver and heart problems. Thus, it is always good to seek physician's advice before taking niacin.


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