Normal HDL Levels

HDL, also known as good cholesterol is very much needed by the body for smooth functioning. If the body possesses

normal HDL levels

, it helps in supporting various body functions and keeps the health of the heart. If the desired HDL levels are not present, it leads to cardiac problems. Therefore, you should take all possible steps to maintain the normal HDL levels in your body.

What is the Normal HDL Cholesterol Level?

The cholesterol levels of the body are evaluated as mg/dL i.e milligrams per deciliter of the blood. A test to measure HDL cholesterol levels also involves evaluating total cholesterol levels. The cholesterol levels vary according to the gender and age.

Normal HDL Levels in Adults

In adults, the normal HDL levels range between 35 – 60 mg/dL.

Normal HDL Levels in Children

In children who are below the age of 19 years, the normal HDL levels of cholesterol is 35 mg/dL.

Normal HDL Levels in Men

The normal HDL levels in men are in the range of 40 – 50 mg/dL.

Normal HDL Levels in Women

The normal HDL levels in women are in the range of 50 – 60 mg/dL.

The HDL levels above 60 mg/dL if present are considered to be high and raise the risk of heart disorders.

The HDL levels are higher in women than in men because of the sex hormones in women. These normal levels can be altered by factors like smoking, consumption of alcohol, excess eating of junk foods and obesity. Certain health conditions can lead to increased bad cholesterol and decreased good cholesterol levels.



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