Cholesterol in Eggs

Generally, a person has the capacity to eat 40 eggs in a week and 5 – 6 eggs everyday during breakfast. But, you should know the facts of

cholesterol in eggs.

They provide full energy to the body, but some others think that they lead to cholesterol buildup in the body. Is this a truth or a myth? If so, what amounts of cholesterol in eggs can one obtain by eating? Lets have a look at these issues.

Eating lots of eggs is not good for health – Why?  

Eggs have high cholesterol amounts i.e one egg contains nearly 200 mg of cholesterol and 5 g of fats. Half the amount of fats that it contains is saturated form of fats.

Eggs contain high cholesterol and that’s the reason consuming lots of eggs leads to blood cholesterol buildup. Thus, reducing the intake of eggs in the diet lowers the cholesterol in the blood. But, this is not the way the body works.

Facts on Cholesterol

Research studies show that high levels of cholesterol help you live longer and boost the immune system to prevent diseases and infections than lower levels of cholesterol.

  • Body produces cholesterol –

    The liver can make about 3 to 6 times more cholesterol than the cholesterol obtained from eggs and animal products.

  • Cholesterol is important to the body –

    Cholesterol helps in steroid hormone production such as testosterone and helps repair and build cells.

  • Dietary cholesterol does not adhere to blood cholesterol –

    Saturated fats obtained through foods and blood cholesterol are in no way related.

Benefits of Eating the Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is very much healthier as it has the following essential components.

  • Twice the Protein –

    Eating eggs increases the protein intake by two times. But eating egg white alone can give only half the protein. This means egg yolks contain half amounts of proteins.

  • More Vitamins –

    Egg yolk has vitamins A, D and E in excess amounts. Vitamin D is very much vital as many people lack it.

  • Increases Testosterone Hormonal Levels –

    Cholesterol and saturated fats present in egg yolk help in increasing the production of testosterone hormone.

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