Essential Hypertension

Essential hypertension

is a medical condition in which the blood pressure rises very high and holds no proper cause. It is considered that essential hypertension is caused as a result of unknown factors. This is the reason why blood pressure cannot be lowered in some people and remains the same though the treatments are taken.

It is estimated that nearly 95% of individuals who have high blood pressure have essential hypertension. The rate of this condition is high in Caucasian males and African American individuals.

Essential Hypertension – What Can Be The Causes?

The causes of essential hypertension are unknown. But, the factors that increase the blood pressure include size and condition of arteries, amount of blood pumped by heart, salt and water content in the body, condition of blood vessels, nervous system or kidneys and hormone levels in the body.

Some other factors that increase blood pressure are obesity, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, heredity, a diet high in salt, race, age and gender.

Essential Hypertension – Symptoms

Most of the people with essential hypertension show no symptoms. The symptoms occur very rarely and they include tiredness, mild headache, confusion, breath shortness, dizziness, confusion, vomiting, nausea, visual changes, nose bleeds, anxiety, perspiration, angina-like pain in the chest and red or pale skin. Stroke can also occur in very rare cases.

Essential Hypertension – Diagnosis

The physician first takes the blood pressure measures and if the blood pressure is found to be high for more than 3 visits, the condition is diagnosed as hypertension. Other further tests like blood and urine tests, an electrocardiogram and a chest x-ray are also performed. When no factors are found to be responsible for high blood pressure, the condition is diagnosed as essential hypertension.

Essential Hypertension – Treatment

The physician may suggest many lifestyle changes to help bring down the high blood pressure levels. Physical exercises, eating a healthy diet and weight loss measures will help. Also the physician recommends the patient to delimit stress, limit alcohol consumption and quit smoking.

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